Meghna Naidu in Her latest movie is 'Rivaaz'

Meghna Naidu's transformation from 'hot' to 'not' in 'Rivaaz': The hot model turned actress has come a long way since her 'Addictive - Truth Hurts' music video days.
Since 'Hawas' Naidu has been best known for her sultry roles.
She has worked in movies like - 'Rain'. 'Bad Friend', 'Mashooka', 'Classic- Dance of Love' etc.
Her latest movie is 'Rivaaz'
Naidu will be seen in a completely deglamourised role in 'Rivaaz'.
She plays the role of a village girl in the movie.
Naidu has also acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films.
As the story goes - the village that she belongs to thrives on the business of prostitution.
The movie is believed to be a very strong message against prostitution.
Meghna Naidu's stark new role and new look may establish her as a serious actress in the industry

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