Udaya Bhanu Telgu TV anchor performed Item Song

Udaya Bhanu is a popular Telugu TV anchor & hot heroien. She is the host of numerous popular Telugu TV shows. Currently, she is hosting six shows on six channels each in a different avatar but all are marked by her signature energy, enthusiasm, and extempore wit. She endears herself to everyone young and old, the sophisticate and the rustic. She is an interviewer, dancer, actor and anchor. She is a natural at what she does. All her shows are extempore, without a teleprompter or a script. She became the highest paid host in Telugu television industry. She started acting at 15 years of age with Horlicks Hrudayanjali. She followed it up with shows like 'once more please' co-anchoring with VenuMadhav, Saahasam Cheyara Dimbhakaa, Jaanavule nerajaanavule, nee illu bangaram kaanu, Dhee, Rela re Rela and many others. All her shows are marked by the ease and quality of her interaction with the interviwees and participants. She can easily slip into rustic Telugu dialects or change into a stylish Tollywood damsel. She did act in a few Telugu films Erra Sainyam, Kondaveeti Simhasanam (2002)Shravana Maasam(2005). Her personal life however has been rocky. Her father died when she was four years old. Udaya Bhanu alleged her mother abused and tortured her physically and mentally forcing her to marry against her wishes at the age of sixteen. She attempted suicide a few years back.She later got a divorce and remarried a friend vijay at an Arya Samaj Temple.Not much is known of her husband.Recently she performed an item song in a Telugu movie Leader (2010), and for that she got very good name. Here are some photos of this hot sexy south indian actress from item song in Telgu Movie "Leader"


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